February was an awesome month overall! ?Mrs. Root of Good finally leave her job and joined up with me in early retirement. ?The oldest daughter was accepted into one of the best middle universities in the county (our initial choice school) which for into the best high school while in the county.

Our $4,221 income during the calendar month was more than double our $2,030 in expenses. ?In spite of paying out half of what?we crafted, our net worth still turned down by $4,000 during the thirty days due to a slight decline during the stock market.



In January, we gotten $41 in interest and investment income. ?Our monthly results income is very inconsistent, mostly of the income arriving at the end of each quarter. ?For all of 2015, all of us received $28,527 in dividend income.? During March we need to receive around $2,500 during dividend income if it remains consistent with?dividend income gained in March 2015.

Blog income, proven as “other income” in the graph, was much lower than normal during $433. ?A major payment didn’t can come until February 29th (posted March 1st) so March’s revenue should be higher than average. ?This?early retirement lifestyle asking brought in $86 in February.

The “deposits” wages of $259 comes from cash back rebates from your Ebates.com online shopping portal. I’t all about sharing the riches, so if you sign up through this kind of link and make a qualifying $25 purchase through Ebates, you’ll get a $10 gift card like I did. ?Fair disclosure: your?big portion?of the Ebates revenue comes from referrals, but you can be helped by this too if your family or friends become a member of an account (earn $75 if some people sign up). ?I also bought $58 worth of?United Club terminal lounge passes on ebay. ?I received the lounge passes for signing up for U . s . Explorer credit cards with Go in pursuit of last year (along with many 1000s of United miles).

The $500 “paycheck” income is one more dribble of remuneration from Mrs. Reason Good’s job. ?After?performing?three or four days per week out of your home?since September of 2015, next taking most of December and January off, she lastly quit for good in early Feb.

Long time readers will call to mind that we debated about becoming a one car household immediately after owning two cars for our adult lives. ?On impulse, we sold my 16 year old Honda Civic?after I saw someone at the Mister. Money Mustache forum expressing desire for buying an older car. ?$2,700 was what I asked using the Kelly Blue Book worth in “excellent” condition. ?And that’vertisements the price we settled on.

That’utes one less liability using?up space in my private drive and sucking up capital for?maintenance, depreciation, income taxes, insurance, registration, and examination fees. ?Right after selling the auto, I removed it from our insurance plan and we received a $40 reduction on the remaining four months connected with coverage during?this 6 month coverage period. ?Going forward the auto liability coverage should head to about $100 per year to $400.

If you’re interested in tracking your income plus expenses like I do, after that check out Personal Capital (it’azines free!). All of our savings and also spending accounts (including checking out, money market, and 5 credit cards) are all linked together with updated in real time through Personalized Capital. We have accounts just about everywhere, and Personal Capital makes it not that hard to check on everything at one time.

Personal Cash is also a solid tool regarding investment management. Keeping track of your entire investment portfolio normally takes two clicks. If you haven’capital t signed up for the free Personal Capital service, try it out today (review here).



Now let’azines look at February?expenses:

We used?$2,030 in February. ?That is 2 / 3 of our?budget?of?$3,333 per 30 days (or $40,000 per year).

The $1,005 throughout utilities includes about $300 involving actual electricity, natural gas, in addition to water/sewer/trash plus $700 additional prepaid electricity. ?I’m trying to meet the $3,Thousand minimum spending requirement for our new Barclay Arrival cards so I can receive the $400 sign up bonus (all credit card offers), and prepaying ammenities is an excellent way for us minimal spenders to hit the minimum spending requirement within three months connected with signing up. ?We also won’t offer an electricity bill until September!

At $512, the grocery spending was quite average for the month. ?Many of us finally visited the central Asian/Mediterranean?grocery store in our neighborhood the place where a nice Iranian couple greet their old time customers?utilizing “as-salamu alaykum” (they greeted us utilizing “hello”). ?It’s a wild mix of Turkish, Iranian, Israeli, Ukrainian, Russian language, and central Asian procured products. ?Lots of Cyrillic writing. ?Following your little dude decided he previously to poop immediately, we were a tour of the stock?bedroom while heading to the bathroom. ?“It’verts scary” according to the little dude. ?It’verts also full of hundreds of efficiently organized Persian language films on VHS. ?We have been spending $18 on a jar connected with caviar ($12) and a one pound box of turkish delight with hazelnuts (imported via Turkey – $6). ?$6 is way cheaper than travel arrangements to Istanbul!

Our entertainment spending involving $211 includes:

  • $122 worth of liquor we all purchased while on our cruise
  • $56 for any week of summer camp for example kid in August
  • $18 for a rolling moving dolly that, once mated which includes a wooden shipping pallet, turned into a wagon of sorts
  • $10 for ice skating rink admission for two
  • $3 for Society V (total nerd shot – don’t buy it if you are functioning)

I’m trying to spend our own $40,000 budget folks. ?I’michael trying.

Spontaneous detour to the downtown scientific research museum on the way home via walking on the greenway (because we’re retired and can). Cost: $0.

The $150 with medical/healthcare expenses includes our $125 regular insurance premium (thanks Reasonable Care Act subsidies!) which we signed up for after Mrs. RoG quit doing the job, $5 for a last minute prescription just before Mrs. RoG’s old employer furnished insurance expires, and $19 for the “used” electric toothbrush. ?I always asked yourself who would buy a second hand energy toothbrush, because ewww gross, right? ?Then I realized that all I needed was the base and the battery charger and I already have an unused brush head that Mrs. Root of Good isn’t using. ?As an alternative to spending $45+ including shipping plus tax for a new one, I picked up a dented carton?Sonicare Essence electric toothbrush?out of ebay for $19. ?It’s missing the brush head but I could have tossed it anyway if your package is open (given that possibly reusing the brush scalp is kinda gross).

Cable expenses regarding $74 included two months of service. ?Not long called Time Warner Cable to perform my downgrade/upgrade trick. ?Ask for the entire cheapest service ($15 for an Daily Low Price 3mb/1mb connection in my space). ?You’ll either get them to convince you to keep your faster internet service for a lower price or you will in fact get downgraded. ?If you do get reduced, go online and upgrade designed for $10 or $20 or whatever to the service tier that you basically want. ?This trick helps you to save me $5-20 per month for a entire year with about 15 minutes connected with effort annually. ?Now we’ve been paying $35 per month for 50mb/5mb program.

And we are finally getting the swiftness we are paying for thanks to this most recent electronics purchase. ?While researching the internet plan pricing, I realized that we were enhanced to 50 mb company at some point, yet our web speeds remained?at 17 mb per second. ?I eventually determined it was our aged cable modem that couldn’testosterone levels handle more than 18 megabytes per second. ?Instead of renting our modem for $10 monthly, we bought our the router a few years ago for $25. ?The old device reached the end of it’s living so we had to upgrade for you to tap the higher speeds i was already paying for. ?$31 later and we are the proud new individuals who own a used Motorola SB6120 cable modem. ?Now we routinely have 40-55 mb per second download and install speeds (double or triple what we used to get) and 5 megabytes per second upload speeds (five times what we used to find!).

Our $19 in travel expenses protected?the gas to drive household from the cruise terminal around Charleston. ?I count gas purchased while on vacation as a getaway expense instead of a gasoline outlay of money. ?We didn’t purchase almost every other gas in February because we don’t drive significantly outside of vacations. ?That makes 30 days #2 of no gasoline buying (other than for vacation).

We used?$17 on?gifts. ?$15 of that traveled to our kids for getting excellent degrees on their report cards. ?$2 insured the copays for two prescription remedies for Mrs. Root of Good’s daddy during his post-surgery recovery (Medicare is awesome by the way). ?A small bit of charity for the critical naysayers placing comments in this post.

Rounding out the monthly expenses was $6 at our favorite Oriental restaurant. ?That’s the moving rate for about 20 crazy potsticker dumplings. ?Yum!


Year to Date Existing Expenses

At $4,324 year to date spending, we’ve only spent about 60 %?of the $6,667 budgeted for the initial couple of months of the year.

We might catch up and even exceed (!!) our budget?in the next few months as we check out a new (used) minivan and approach a road trip for this summer.

Monthly Purchase Summary:

  • January 2016 – $2,293
  • February 2016 – $2,030


Net Worth: $1,435,000 (-$4,A thousand)

February marks the fourth month back to back with a decline in net worth.

Is the fear more real considering that Mrs. Root of Good doesn’t have a very steady paycheck and we are the two retired? ?No. ?I don’big t think we will ever deplete all of your money?in early retirement. ?Most people developed a solid financial plan to purchase our early retirement as well as struggle to even spend 4% of your current portfolio. ?Cutting back on paying if times get difficult?won’t be a huge give up (like skipping?seven?few days trips to Mexico).

In the actual meantime, we are too occupied enjoying early retirement?to pay much attention to daily current market fluctuations. ?$20,000 to $30,500 movements in a day are common adequate. ?That means on some days people make or lose an even equal to every cent people spent in 2015.

It goes up, it goes all the way down. ?What are you going to perform? ?Freak out over every motion, or let the long term improvement engine of the stock market function its magic?

Right now we have all-around $30,000 in cash. ?That amount plus the dividends we collect in our taxable brokerage consideration during the year is enough to cover some of our full $40,000 annual spending budget. ?If the market?continues it’azines decline then we’ll have the capacity to avoid selling anything for as much as a year (or much longer in case my Root of Good sales remains steady).

In last month’s financial update, I mentioned just how there was a lot of negative message in the market and some thought there we were headed for a recession. ?So far this market has turned around rather a lot. ?We were down $78,000 through the month of February nevertheless the markets mostly recovered simply by month’s end.

I have no clue which will way the market is on course next month or the rest of the year or so but I bet the stock market shall be up in a decade or 2.



How was your February? ?Massive changes or staying the program? ?



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