I don’t know about you, but we’d a wonderful March! ?The weather is beautiful?and life is going wonderfully at the Root of Good household. ?Goal represents the first full 30 days of early retirement for Mrs. Root of Good. ?Last week your kids celebrated spring break and we a very successful week of comforting and enjoying the complete lack of an every day schedule.

In financial terms, 03 was very kind to us. ?Our net worth shot up $94,One thousand in spite of spending almost?$11,1000 (most of which was a used minivan pay for). ?Our income?was strangely elevated at $7,806 thanks to quarterly results payments from our investments.



In March, we received $4,476 in results income from our mutual funds and ETFs. ?This signifies almost double the $2,500?dividend income earned in Drive 2015.? Since our portfolio is actually funds and ETFs which will pay dividends quarterly or maybe annually, the months for March, June, September, along with December are big for dividends. ?The $4,476 we gained in March will go quite a distance toward helping us surpass the 2015 total of $28,527 in dividend income.

Blog salary, shown as “other income” during the chart, was back to normal on $2,575 after a weak February along with under $500 income. ?My?earlier retirement lifestyle consulting created $180 in March. ?So far your blog and consulting income has remained relatively steady this year and $2,000 to $2,500 every month might be the new normal. ?I’mirielle still aiming to live off all four percent of our portfolio, plus treating the blog and visiting income as purely optional money that we can invest if we want (or help save if we want).

The $500 in “travel” salary is actually a $500 cash back sign up bonus by Mrs. Root of Good’s Barclay Arrival greeting card. ?I’ll discuss this in the future in the “Expenses” section.

We had a $43 return from the insurance company for canceling coverage on my Honda Social since I sold it during February (hence the Automotive cash flow?of $43).

The $8 “Deposits” income represents a pair of class action settlement checks from Red Bull energy drinks.

The days of earning a pay are over for Mrs. Root of Beneficial, so no more paychecks of these monthly income reports!

If you’concerning interested in tracking your income as well as expenses like I do, after that check out Personal Capital (it’ohydrates free!). All of our savings and spending accounts (including verifying, money market, and a few credit cards) are all linked along with updated in real time through Personalized Capital. We have accounts everywhere we look, and Personal Capital makes it quite simple to check on everything at one time.

Personal Cash is also a solid tool designed for investment management. Keeping track of some of our entire investment portfolio requires two clicks. If you haven’t signed up for the free Personal Capital service, take a look today (review here).



Now let’azines look at March?expenses:

After an all-time month of spending to be able to excess, the total damage located $10,911. ?This is more than three times?our?budget?of?$3,333 each month (or $40,000 per year).

Time to be able to haul lots of people and many stuff. And take a 3200 mile road trip.

Most of the funds that left our surrender March went toward the $8,228 purchase of our new (used) minivan. ?When you buy new things, you tend to spend even more income after the purchase. ?A new car is no different. ?We spent another $98 on the pre-sale vehicle test (didn’t want to buy an $8,228 orange!), $108 for property taxes, along with $23 for two sets of floor mats. ?I still need to pick up three windshield wipers (yes, it comes with some sort of rear wiper) that will price another $15, and it needs the tires balanced to i hope fix the minor the vibrations at highway speeds (fingertips crossed it’s nothing important beyond tires out of balance). ?To increase the minivan, our insurance increased by $40-50, which will probably be due inside April.

Perfect for those times any neighbor is giving away a good castle for free
The kids storming a castle (next to our lumber pallet shack – a work in progress!)

Our $1,072 travel expenditure in March is for some of our upcoming summer road trip thru Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan, Ontario/Toronto Ontario, Niagara Falls, and Washington, Topeka. ?The $1,072 covers all of our resorts for almost a month?and two events of cave tours at Titanic Cave National Park. ?I’lmost all have a lot more detail for this exciting trip in a article to be released soon.

The $1,072 travel charges are actually $572 when I subtract out of the $500 travel credit we received from Mrs. Root of Good’s Barclay Arrival Charge card. ?She signed up for the card in January and we already been given $500 cash back as a sign up bonus (for example the extra points from spending an extra $1,000 beyond the $3,500 minimum required to get the $400 preliminary sign up bonus). ?The Barclay Arrival Card allows you to redeem points in the direction of any travel expenses such as Airbnb or hotel stays. ?$500 Is equal to a free week in a 2 bedroom apartment rental in Toronto.

I picked up a $250 Airbnb gift cards by redeeming 25,000 with the 150,000 American Convey Membership Rewards points most of us earned when we signed up for a set of?Amex Business Gold Benefits cards in December during the past year. ?That slashed?the total amount for three nights in an Airbnb leasing in Bowling Green, Ky from $297 to $47.

We booked seven nights at Starwood Hotels (like Four Points by Sheraton as well as Aloft hotels) using 24,1000 Starwood Preferred Guest points from a single Starwood Amex sign up bonus offer. ?The most wonderful redemption of the bunch became a $400 per night (in Canadian bucks) room in Niagara Falls to get 3,000 points.

Travel coughing is how we traveled by means of Mexico for seven and a half weeks for $4,500. ?If you ever?like free travel approximately we?do and want to find some of these same cards, consider these credit card offers.

Airbnb is surely an incredible way to save money throughout vacation, particularly if you’re traveling with a family. ?We were able to publication decent two bedroom apartments rentals for much less than the expense of a crappy hotel room selection or two budget levels hotel rooms. ?The biggest benefit above having tons of space is that?we get a full kitchen and we all don’t have to dine released for a month straight. ?In the event you haven’t tried Airbnb before, take a look for your next vacation and spend less $35 off your first stay.

Our shopping spending of $611 was a minimal higher than normal, but nothing to be worried about yet. ?We continue to put money into good food so we aren’l tempted to go out and eat regularly.

But we did spend on places to eat this month. ?We shed $25 on a Groupon for Papa Johns that could end up buying us six and also?seven large pizzas (coupon codes will be used heavily). ?It’verts hard to make pizza this cheap. ?We also dined at?individuals restaurant once and got take away from a different Chinese eating place once. ?All restaurant paying totaled $59.

Utility spending of $202 enclosed the $115 water/sewer/trash bill (slightly very high) and $87 for the natural gas charge. ?The gas bill would have been a lot lower until Late when the cooling season will start back in North Carolina. ?Right now we’lso are enjoying free heat as well as air conditioning courtesy of the wonderful springtime weather!

Gifts of $153 include your daughter’s birthday gift, a wedding treat for a sibling, and a few presents for some nieces and nephews with coming birthdays.

Our entertainment spending with $136 includes:

  • $48 for a swimming hit pass good for 15 adult admissions to any city share or water park
  • $31 for some new bike tires for your girls’ bikes
  • $27 for fishing gear (Mrs. RoG’ohydrates thing; not mine)
  • $29 pertaining to skating rink admission and nachos?for two extra guests aside from the ten free birthday family and friends (nice cheap commercial house party thanks to winning a free house party for ten!)

Our healthcare valuation on $125 covers the insurance premium for all our sweet gold plated sterling silver health insurance plan with serious Affordable Care Act financial aid. ?Mrs. Root of Good used the insurance for the first time today and so considerably it works. ?It’s health insurance, which means that I’m sure we’ll turn out to be disappointed eventually.

We went wild with the gas purchases the following month (given we’re the two retired!). ?$74 gets you a tank and a half for a Honda Accord and a full tank for that Toyota Sienna minivan. ?I went ahead together with filled up during March to get the 5% cash back on fuel purchases on my Chase Convenience card (and because gas charges at all the other stations in town had already gone up significantly). ?We’re going to the beach in late April for a wedding thus i imagine that will be the next time we have to pay for gas.

Rounding out the monthly purchases was $14 for two added batteries for our new t5i Digital camera.

I spent so much time in March shopping for things that I feel like I need a vacation via buying stuff!

Year to Date Residing Expenses

At $15,236?year to date spending, now we have far exceeded the?$10,000 budgeted for the first some?months of the year. ?That’s all right because we won’t buy a car every month?and we in fact made $2,900 from the profit of our old Civic.

Looking in front, I expect April as a low cost month. ?In May perhaps or early June we’lmost all owe almost $1,000 for home, auto, and outdoor patio umbrella insurance policies. ?July and July should be fairly low cost many weeks too since we’ll end up being traveling for half of each and every month and have already paid for the whole vacation’s?lodging expenses.

Our goal this year was to spend more as opposed to $24,000 we spent not too long ago, and so far we are motivated to do so. ?However, I know we’lmost all also have those months where by we barely spend $1,1,000 so we might not spend your whole $40,000 budgeted to get 2016. ?Our spending philosophy hasn’testosterone really changed, but we’actu certainly open to occasional compact luxury purchases since small children we can afford it.

Monthly Expense Brief summary:

  • January 2016 – $2,293
  • February 2016 – $2,030
  • March 2016 – $10,911?(includes minivan purchase)


Net Well worth: $1,529,000 (+$94,000)

After four?a few months in a row with a decline around net worth, we have finally changed the corner to a healthy, positive growth in wealth. ?Size increases came from our stock market results – someone told international assets that we were waiting with them to perform well.

We are now because wealthy as we were during most of 2015 and much wealthier than we were during all of 2014 (so we felt wealthy back then!). ?We’concerning still about $50,000 faraway from our wealth high waters mark set in June involving 2015, but still feeling like we?are?swimming in money without any real need to sacrifice quality of life to save money (of course we’re naturally frugal which means that thrift?is easy?for us).


I’lmost all reprint what I said around last month’s financial bring up to date:

[The market] goes up, it goes down. ?Exactly what are you going to do? ?Freak out over every movement, or let the long term growth serps of the stock market work its magic?

In hindsight I look kinda smart by holding on together with letting the market swing into the positive. ?But I fail to see the way in which “do nothing for a long time” is smart. ?Neither is it dumb. ?It’s just the appropriate thing to do if you want to avoid anxiety selling at the low things and getting overly aggressive after huge market run federal express.


After almost two months of Mrs. Reason behind Good not working and after wasting over $8,000 on a minivan, we’concerning still sitting on around $24,1000 in cash. ?That amount of clinking coins plus the dividends we’ll be given in our taxable brokerage consideration will cover our expenses above the next year so we won’t need to sell anything for living expenses if the stock market takes another large dip.

Eventually if the market continues to be flat or keeps growing, I’ll start to harvest a number of capital gains to station the cash buffer we have readily available. ?I don’t have a special S&P 500 or Dow jones price target to know it’ersus time to take gains, nonetheless I’ll know it is time whenever we get there (and I’ll let you know!).

That’s it for this month’vertisements installment of “what does we make and spend, and what are we worth?”. ?I’ll leave you with this article from the finish of last year?that is a excellent?summary of everything I blogged regarding in 2015 (for those new subscribers that made their method here from the recent reports featuring Root of Good in CNBC, MSN, and Yahoo Money).


How was March for you? ?Was your boat lifted from the rising tide? ?



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