Now that April is over, we’re also one third of the way through 2016. ?The way are we doing? ?Where shall we be going from here?

Financially, April was really a great month on all of fronts. ?Our net worth higher by $23,000 to $1,552,One thousand. ?Our income remained good at $2,471 even though it’s been a few months since we gained any pay checks through employers. ?Our spending dropped significantly compared to last month to help $1,829 (not buying a new minivan undoubtedly helped keep expenses lower).

On the personal side, April was an incredibly busy month. ?The next wind storm was nice so we put in a lot of time outdoors. ?We were stressful with kids’ school events together with volunteering, hanging out with friends, experiencing the wonderful life we have developed through a decade of financial booty kicking. ?We capped off the month with a day trip to your beach for a wedding.

On into the numbers!



After receiving?$4,476 in dividend income in March, the investment income dropped just to $130 during April. Since all of our portfolio is all funds and also ETFs that pay dividends quarterly or annually, the months of March, June, September, and December are big for dividends. ?Since post goes live, we’actu about six weeks from the start of the after that dividend season in May. ?In 2015 we earned you use $28,527 in dividend cash flow.

Blog income, shown as “some other income” in the chart, was rather normal at $2,043. ?My?early retirement lifestyle consulting brought in $180 in April (same as Drive). ?I’m still aiming to survive off of four percent of our portfolio, and treating the blog as well as consulting income as just discretionary money that we can easily spend if we want (or maybe save if we want). ?The subsequent month or two should be very good weeks for blog income as a result of a lot of recent attention in media (part of what kept people busy during April!).

TV talking head – my new career?

Deposit income of $117 includes $87 of ebay and craigslist sales plus $30 of?cash back concessions from the and wide web online shopping portals. I’m exactly about sharing the wealth, if you sign up through this url and make a qualifying $25 purchase via Ebates, you’ll get a $10 gift card for example I did.? I try to do our online shopping through one of these sites and the cash back adds up rapidly. ?I’m not sure when I’ll actually get the cash however , my Ebates account was just awarded with over $100 in cash back from January 2016 cruise I scheduled through Expedia (via Ebates). ?Very nice and price the wait!

If you’re interested in administering your income and expenses similar to I do, then check out Personal Capital (it’s free!). Our savings and spending accounts (including checking, money market, and five credit cards) are usually linked and updated right away through Personal Capital. We’ve got accounts all over the place, and Personal Investment makes it really easy to check on all at one time.

Personal Capital is also a good tool for investment operations. Keeping track of our entire choice portfolio takes two important. If you haven’t signed up for the disposable Personal Capital service, check it out today (examine here).



Now let’s look at May?expenses:

Monthly spending in May totaled much less than all of our?budget?of?$3,333 per month (or $40,000 per year). ?We didn’capital t buy a minivan and we didn’t possess any large annual bills for example property tax or insurance plan, so it was easy to are available in well under budget for a month.

Grocery spending dropped here we are at a more normal $428 during Apr. ?I thought this would be a lot higher offered how well we ate and how much we shopped intended for groceries during the month. ?I’m guessing I’ll have to thank Aldi, Broker Joe’s, Kroger, Walmart, Food Lion, the actual Asian store, and the Asian grocery store for keeping their prices low.

Spend little on groceries; try to make awesome food like homemade tamales with fresh guacamole tomatillo salsa? Yes, be sure to.

Healthcare spending increased significantly to $270. ?Considering the fact that we no longer have dental insurance plans, Mrs. Root of Good paid $105 routine dental visit (your money rate for uninsured people at our dentist). ?All of us finally got to use our new health insurance when Mrs. RoG frequented the doc to have a mass on her arm checked out. ?That it was diagnosed as likely as being a lipoma (a lump of fats, and please note, NOT lymphoma or anything like it fortunately!). ?A doc scheduled her designed for minor outpatient surgery the day after. ?The biopsy revealed it was, in actual fact, just a lump of fatty tissue and totally benign. ?All of our insurance is working out well at this point with two $20 copays paid during the time of service plus another $120 bill for the surgery (20% of the $700 price tag the insurance allowed for the surgery).

Health insurance premiums totaled $125 for our breathtaking gold plated silver plan obtained through by very sizable ACA subsidies. ?Brief update on our health insurance policies situation: four of us attained insurance through the alternate very quickly. ?We had to apply towards state’s medicaid/NC Health Choice method for our three year old (now four year old). ?We’re previously on day 87 involving waiting for our application to get approved so our college old has been uninsured given that May 1 (during Goal and April we had the potential of retroactive COBRA coverage for the little person but that option run out April 30). ?He will currently have retroactive coverage if his NC Health Choice application is ultimately approved (which it really should be). ?The wheels of bureaucracy move. ?Slowly. ?Let’s trust they finish processing the appliance before he’s five. ?And i believe the State of North Carolina is derailed with other important issues nowadays, so I understand the delay.

Good factor we don’t pay express tax to fund the agency handling his paperwork. ?Except we perform! ?Since we don’t get tax withheld from a paycheck, we now have to make estimated duty payments. ?I made the initial estimated quarterly tax payment of $225 for state income tax. ?We can pay?online and we can even pay?with a credit card for a 2% fee. ?Good to determine if I need to meet minimum investing requirements for my credit card travel hacking hustle!

Clothing and shoes purchases totaled $200 for the thirty day period. ?Everyone but me obtained new shoes and the ladies got new swimsuits. ?In addition we did a bit of thrift purchasing.

Utility spending of $167 includes this water/sewer/trash and?the natural gas payment.

Restaurant spending of $103 included certain horribly unhealthy but mouth watering donuts, Chinese take out, in addition to a fun lunch out with an existing friend. ?However, the?majority of the restaurant spending with April was for a dinner at the restaurant where the beach wedding reception was held ($62 for?okay but not great food). ?We to pay for our own meal nevertheless (1) we can afford it along with (2) at least the bride in addition to groom didn’t have to pay thousands of dollars for their wedding. ?Perfectly done newly married couple!

Delicious. $17 to get 13 of the most mouth-watering treats?this aren’t Mexican food. Courtesy of Baker’s Dozen Donuts during Cary and now in Raleigh. And a Cambodian-owned business so we’re boosting Mrs. RoG’s people.

The $69 electronics buy was an ASUS RT-N66W router. ?Most of us tried to go cheap for a router last month and it didn’l have the range that we had to cover the whole house. ?Session learned and $15 wasted (however we have a backup router in the event that).

The uncategorized expense of $67 was mostly buying our new couch in a thrift shop benefiting a homeless. ?The curb sleepers connected with Raleigh get some of our dollars to keep them off the street and then we got a new couch. ?Now to craigslist the old couch for more than people paid for the new(er) chair. ?We also found some other ludicrous items like a brand new pair of bermuda from Jos A Banks by using tag still on intended for $3. ?The only reason this outlay of money was?uncategorized is that Personal Money couldn’t categorize the purchase accurately since it’s the first time we’onal shopped at this particular second hand store. ?After I update the item, it’ll be in the system adequately for good and subsequent acquisitions from this retailer will appear appropriately too.

The minivan needed a few remaining touches before getting it highway ready for our summer excursion. ?I spent $16 on quite a few fancy windshield wiper knives at Walmart (they were upon clearance) and $42 for get tired rebalancing. ?The tech said a wheels were way out for balance. The vibrations witnessed at mid to significant speeds?disappeared immediately after this rebalancing. ?So far so good on the auto purchase.

The entertainment expense of $48 was obviously a brand new camera lens to get Mrs. RoG’s photography addiction. ?I really debated whether to put this in entertainment or electronic devices because it’s really the two.

Not shown in the expense video because of their small dollar beliefs were:

  • gifts – $45
  • gasoline – $40 (mostly the visit to the beach at Twenty-three miles per gallon in our minivan with Seven passengers)
  • internet – $31
  • service charges/fees – $26 (Mrs. RoG’s 401k – I’ll need to follow these closely to find out how much they total annually)

That’s a lot of consumption but we still spent at a level 30% below?the poverty line. ?Maybe we’ll add some cigarettes, alcohol, help bonds, flashy rims, and lottery tickets to bootstrap some of our way up to the lofty elevations of poverty level dwelling next month (no offense to my distant kinfolk?if you males are reading this month’s model of Lifestyles of the Affluent and Boring).

Giving the little fellow a taste of stardom.


Year so far Living Expenses

At $17,065 year to date expending, we have exceeded the?$13,333 budgeted for the first four?several months of the year?by a few thousand dollars. ?This includes the minivan purchase within March, so if we always keep under spending our monthly $3,333 budget (like we do months) then we’ll be back on the right track in a few more months.

I got the annual or semi-annual charges for about?$1,000 for household, auto, and umbrella insurance policies. ?July and August must be fairly low cost months too since we’ll be touring for half of each month?with a road trip through the US and also Canada and have already settled all of our vacation lodging payments.

Our goal this year was to save money than the $24,000 we wasted last year, and so far we’ve been on track spend a bit more paltry figure. ?Regardless of whether many of us?spend the?whole $40,A thousand budgeted for 2016, we are enjoying yourselves, enjoying life, and carrying out the things we want to do was developed retirement. ?And that’s exactly what matters the most, right?

Monthly Cost Summary:

  • January 2016 – $2,293
  • February 2016 – $2,030
  • March 2016 – $10,911?(includes minivan acquire)
  • April 2016 – $1,829

Living like a pauper is tough but somebody’verts gotta do it. And practice it well.

Net Worth: $1,552,000 (+$23,Thousand)

Another month of net worth growth! ?Yippee! ?We are within $40,000 of our own all time high net worth arrived at in 2015.

The net worth is just a number to me. ?I don’t genuinely get excited when I go to the $23,000 increase in one month because I know the net worth figure could fluctuate by a five number amount almost every month. ?That’verts just the nature of the currency markets and there’s very little one could do when investing most of one’s portfolio in stocks.

If volatility concerned me, We would shift into more steady asset classes like connections and cash. ?But it doesn’t so a high equities allocation is fine with me.

Every month we are growing more and more comfortable with our earlier retirement finances. ?Toward no more 2015 and beginning of 2016, we observed our investment portfolio decline almost $200,000 over a a few month period. ?A few months later, we have recovered all those cuts and even gained a small level.

What will the future hold? ?If by future you mean the rest of 2016, I have no clue except for it will go up and it will head on down. ?In 2025 or 2030, My partner and i expect markets will be upward. ?Let’s check back in at this time and compare notes.

In any meantime, I’m ignoring the particular daily market vacillations. ?I’m thinking about enjoying a beautiful May inside North Carolina (one of our best several months weather-wise) and ease our way into summer when we depart for our own road trip up north inside mid-July.




And you? How was ones April? ?Enjoying the rising stock market? ?Gearing up for summertime interesting? ?



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