On a day to day basis, our net worth?in June zipped around?such as a spooked jackrabbit chased by a wolf. ?In which rabbit didn’t know the wolf’ersus name was?Brexit. ?By the end of this month, nothing much modified, with our net worth increasing a little by $1,000 to $1,566,500. ?Income remained strong with $7,614 thanks to dividend payments by the end of the second quarter. ?Expenses stayed at low in spite of a big estimated tax bill coming thanks in June. ?Overall, each of our early retirement finances are looking great and our cash barrier account keeps growing.

The start of summertime was remarkably mild through North Carolina and we have really enjoyed numerous days with temperature ranges in the 70’s. ?I count on?we are escaping the heat simply in time as we’re gonna depart on a three and a half 1 week road trip?to Canada.

Let’ersus open the ledger e-book and take a peek at?06 2016!



June?investment income spiked to $5,165. ?The months involving March, June, September, as well as December are big intended for dividends because our assortment is all funds and Exchange traded funds that pay dividends monthly or annually. ?Our full investment income for the 1st half of the year is?pretty much $10,000, putting us about pace to hit and possibly go over the total of $28,527 inside dividend income received inside 2015.

Blog income, shown as “some other income” in the chart, plummeted in order to $642 in June after peaking?with $8,950 in May. ?In Could I received?two months associated with payments from a large marketer, which means June?was significantly worse?for blog cash flow. ?My?early retirement lifestyle consulting brought in $184 in 06 – a few hundred less than within May. ?It’ll all normal out in the end. ?I’m delighted I don’t have to rely on blog related income to thrive in early retirement!

Deposit income of $1,522 mainly came from the sale of the 2000 Honda Accord. ?I am once again a one car family members?and don’t miss creating a second car (but we’ve been missing the ease of driving your sedan instead of the bulkier minivan). ?All of us sold the car for $2,309 to Mrs. Root of Good’s nephew who needed basic reliable travelling to get to class and operate. ?$1,500 cash up front additionally, the remaining $800 over the next several months as his financial aid also comes in for the fall semester. ?To date this year we spent $8,200 buying our minivan and distributed our two sixteen year old cars for $5,200 complete, leaving us only $3,One thousand poorer due to car changing.

The other $22 of deposit income represents?the?cash back refunds from the Ebates.com and Mrrebates.online online shopping portals. If you sign on through this link and prepare a qualifying $25 purchase through Ebates, you’ll receive a $10 gift card like I conducted.? I try to do all of my internet shopping through one of these portals as well as the cash back adds up fast. ?I recently received the?$110 cash back designed for booking our January vacation cruise?through Expedia (while clicking by means of Ebates to get to Expedia). ?It’s a nice way to get a 10% discount on each cruise from a booking site we already use.

Travel income of $100 is part of the Barclay Arrival minute card $400 sign up bonus. ?It?ended up being?more detailed $500 cash back on travel when you meet the $3,000 minimum shelling out requirement (earning 6,1,000 more points) and get this 5% point refund?when you save points. ?To cash out the particular Barclay Arrival bonus reward elements,?I paid?$394 toward your December 2016 Caribbean cruise then immediately reimbursed myself while using bonus points. ?Then I charged another $100 payment for the cruise along with reimbursed myself using this last 10,000 Barclay Arrival reward points. ?In Sept we?finished?meeting this minimum spending requirement for Mrs. Reason for Good’s?Citicard American Airlines Aadvantage credit card for another 50,000 AA miles. ?Now I’m focusing on earning the 50,500 mile bonus on my own Aadvantage greeting card. ?It’s a shame to pay a high price for travel so don’testosterone levels miss out on?the credit cards where you can travel hack your way to your free trip.

If you’re considering tracking your income and expenses like I do, then look at Personal Capital (it’s absolutely free!). All of our savings and spending accounts (including checking, funds market, and five cards) are all linked and kept up to date in real time through Personal Investment. We have accounts all over the place, and individual Capital makes it really easy to be sure of everything at one time.

Personal Capital can also be a solid tool for choice management. Keeping track of our total investment portfolio takes a couple clicks. If you haven’t agreed to the free Personal Capital service, check it out at this time (review here).

Lunch with the children on the last day of school!



Now let’s take a look at June?expenses:

Another month for modest spending. ?At $2,485, we were almost $1,000 underneath our budget?of?$3,333 each month (or $40,000 per year).

The best expense for the month appeared to be income tax at $1,250. ? ?Ever since we are both retired, I’l including tax payments as well as refunds as expenses and income, respectively, since they are used in our $40,000 annual retirement plan budget. ?We started earning estimated tax payments in 2010 because we no longer have got income tax withheld from cash at work. ?I asked the IRS to work with my $640 federal income tax refund for 2015 to my 2016 taxes liability but they didn’t listen and instead sent us a check last month. ?Going forward, I’lmost all pay $600 every quarter and might be entitled to a small refund once I document taxes.

All other “core” expenses within June totaled about $1,200 so we are doing a great job always keeping routine expenses low.

The up coming largest expense for Sept was groceries at $673. ?It is slightly higher than normal (here’s whatever we buy in a typical 30 days) but includes $100 in Charge gift card purchases (to save $10 about groceries). ?I’ll be using individuals Visa gift cards for goods in the future. ?We won’t pay out nearly as much on toiletries in July since we will try to clean out the icebox and freezer before making for our almost month extensive road trip. ?Time to get imaginative with leftovers.

Chipotle chorizo shrimp alfredo on penne spaghetti.

Healthcare spending totaled $199. ?Health insurance monthly payments were the bulk of that for?$125 for our very impressive gold coated silver plan obtained via Healthcare.gov with some very big ACA subsidies. ?The other $74 was a copay for just a doctor’s visit, six months with prescriptions, and four Sonicare electric brush head replacements.

$98 for utility bills is our water/sewer/trash bill in the city. ?I paid your June natural gas bill during the first few days of July. ?I’m a few days late paying the?$24 fuel bill (oops!) and they hit me having a $0.24 interest charge. ?My partner and i don’t have the bill regarding auto-pay because I want to optimize my personal utility spending each month in order to reach minimum spending requirements in credit cards. ?I prepaid each of our electric bill earlier in the year to meet up with minimum spending requirements with a credit card, so I won’t offer an electric bill until the end of the summer time.

Restaurant spending of $62 covered the family plus one more adult at a?Father’s Day lunch (the made up holiday here in united states for all you international readers) regarding Mrs. Root of Good’s?family. ?It had become a last minute event individuals set it up didn’t realize it ended up being $15 per person until it turned out too late. ?The restaurant’s inexpensive weekday lunch prices dual on weekends. ?Lesson mastered for next time – suggest a diner that doesn’t double selling prices on weekends. ?At least the meals was better than expected!

Free unique birthday treats at Starbucks together with Chik Fil A for my 36th birthday.

The maintenance expense of $60 covers gift cards with regard to Lowe’s I bought on ebay . com at a $15 discount.

$58 in auto spending covered all the replacement unit parts and supplies for you to rebuild a portion of the air conditioning technique in the Honda Accord we sold. ?The expansion valve congested and the high pressure fill valve failed leading the system that will evacuate itself in a disorganized volcano of refrigerant and compressor essential oil. ?I could have taken the car?towards the shop and paid approximately $700 for the repair. ?Or pay out $58 in parts and supplies and several hours under the bonnet. ?You know which one I chose. After the valiant effort the air blows frosty?and?the pressures in my small manifold gauge set have been in line with expectations. ?I think I did so it.

By the way, Autozone and other pieces stores have tons of equipment that you can “rent” for free by getting down a deposit. ?Just “pay” for the tool and get a full refund while you return it within 90 days – it’vertisements legit. ?I borrowed vacuum pressure pump, leak detector along with oil/dye injector gun for a deposit involving $250 (since refunded).

My refrigerant refill platform.

Cable expense of?$34 is our 55 mbit internet connection from the cable organization. ?You didn’t think we might waste money on cable, does one?

$23 in travel expenses provides the fees I paid for the privilege of paying our $1,250 tax bill by credit-based card. ?The tax bill represents?almost half of the $3,000 minimum shelling out required for my latest Us Airlines Aadvantage card which will yield 50,000 miles (more than enough for a free flight to be able to Europe in the off season or two domestic round holiday flights any time). ?More wasting equals more free mile after mile since there seems to be an endless circulate of credit card offers having enticing sign up bonuses.

$12 inside gas covered?a partial refill for the Honda Accord before I delivered it so that you can my nephew plus a gallon for your lawnmower. ?I also filled up any minivan for $36 using an Exxon gift card obtained last year.


Year to Date Living Expenses

At $22,530 yr to date spending, we have realized the?$20,000 budgeted for the first six?months of year?by a few thousand dollars. ?This can include the minivan purchase in Goal, so if we keep below spending our monthly $3,333 funds (like we do many months) then we’ll be back on track in a few more months. ?I’m betting by August or September we’ll be back on pay up the year.

July and August should be fairly low cost months considering the fact that we’ll be traveling intended for half of each month?on a road trip through the US and Quebec and have already paid for the whole vacation lodging expenses.

Monthly Purchase Summary:

  • January 2016 – $2,293
  • February 2016 – $2,030
  • March 2016 – $10,911?(includes minivan get)
  • April 2016 – $1,829
  • May 2016 – $2,979
  • June 2016 – $2,485

Vacationing in our own town. Enjoying the historic buildings, free car parking, and free museums in downtown Raleigh.


Net Worth: $1,566,1,000 (+$1,000)

Another month of results (just barely). ?Though the headline really reads a $1,000 gain due to rounding, the exact increase was?$258 for the complete month. ?That’s still positive territory, right?

It’s not easy to believe June’s finish series was so close to the starting point as a result of volatility throughout the month. ?The time Brexit hit the markets, my portfolio was smashed particularly hard due to my asset allocation’s tilt toward 50% international investments. ?A British pound dropped 7% instantly against the USD while different foreign?currencies suffered fates nearly as bad. ?The stock search engine spiders in the UK and Europe also dropped heavily. ?Combine substantial exchange rate losses along with underlying market losses plus your international investments hurt. ?A lot.

I’m reminded how it thinks to lose $70,000 in one morning (almost three times what we spent in all of 2015). ?I was pretty busy the day?the markets went down the most so I didn’t adequate to babysit my portfolio. ?It’azines just as well since there’s not very much to be done. ?Eventual loss totaled $90,000 by day several. ?In hindsight, my “do nothing” process paid off once again since the promote has mostly recovered since the Brexit crash. ?Shrug, do nothing, accumulate dividends, and move on.

Cautioning customers at an event in the Study Triangle Park to stick utilizing long term investments a few days Ahead of Brexit. ?You would trust financial advice from a guy in shorts and sandals, right?

These marketplace hiccups, burps, and farts are nothing much more than distractions from a long term investment decision plan. ?When they hit, natural response is “how rude!”. ?Then your gassy stink dissipates and we keep in mind the occasional expulsion of gaseous substances may be a natural byproduct of digestion; a sign of a properly?functioning?program.

A new all time high net worth brought us within $500 regarding hitting the $1.6 million milestone early on in June but we’ve got knocked back a bit coming from that goal. ?Maybe Come july 1st will bring us to completely new territory? ?In any event, I’m going back to doing nothing.

Times could be better, however could also be a whole lot worse. ?No claims from the Root of Good family members.

This guy is ready for a inviting summer 5x over.



Did you Brexit the marketplace or stick it out in the slaughter? ?Are you back in positive region with your investments??



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